Friday, November 21, 2008

Something New from Beaded Extravagance!

I finally finished a couple of new pieces! These pieces have been in the works for over a month and I am happy to finally have completed them. Why would it take me so long to finish of such simple looking pieces? Only a few hours into working on the Simply Carnelian & Red Coral Necklace I seriously injured my thumb on my right hand. That's not a good thing if you're right handed and bead. I wasn't able to hold my needle much less open a tube to get to my beads. My doctor had me on light duty at work and at home for 3 weeks! That's an eternity when you have so many ideas and you can't bead! But, 4 weeks have now passed and my thumb is healing well- it still hurts at the end of the day but I can hold a needle and open my bead tubes all by myself!

Simply Carnelian and Red Coral Necklace and bracelet were created with bead embroidery, peyote stitch and a tubular netted technique that I must credit to bead artist Marla Gulotta. This tubular netted technique was showcased in the October, 2008 Bead & Button Magazine with her beautiful bracelets. I just love this technique because of it is simple to execute and yet so rich in texture. I did modify her technique a little for my own designs.

I have also made some Christmas earrings. They are not my original designs but just fun, sparkly earrings to help spread some Christmas cheer. I have Snowman Earrings and Christmas Tree Earrings to offer. They are made with Swarovski Crystals and silver or gold plated findings. I can change the Rhinestone Rhondelle scarf on the snowmen to Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Peridot Green and Rosy Pink.

These pieces are available for purchase. Should you be interested please email me at

Saturday, November 15, 2008

In The Beginning....

Well, here it is, my first blog... so please excuse any fumbling I might do along the way but we all have to start somewhere... I know that things will go smoother as I become more familiar with this format.

I'll start this blog with some pictures of some of my past work. I have been attempting to work on some new items to pad my depleted inventory for a jewelery party that a student of my Mom's has requested. I had participated in the Hyde Park Square Art Show in the beginning of October and sold over half of what I made. I say attempting because three weeks ago I injured my thumb on my right hand which made beading quite difficult but according to my doctor it is healing very well and I should be pain free in about a month. I can't wait that long to bead again! So... I've been cheating and beading here and there as I can.

But, enough of that, here are a few of my creations. Please feel free to email me about my work. I am hoping to have an Etsy Shop up and running by next weekend... hopefully...

This is Tiger Eye & Turquoise Necklace & Bracelet. They were made as a set but the bracelet was sold at the Art Show last month. I still have the necklace. It was one of my first more extravagant creations. I sometimes sketch my work but on this piece I let the beads tell me where they wanted to lay and it worked out pretty well I think.

This necklace is called Ice Princess Collar. It was the piece that I entered into this years FireMountain Gems Annual Beading contest and won First Place in the Cabochon Category. Some people may find that working in a monochromatic color scheme is easy, but I found it quite a challenge. It forced me to be more creative with the patterns that the beads took.

This last piece that I'll squeeze into tonight's blog is called The Owl Cuff. I sold it at the Art Show last month. The owl cabochon was sculpted from scratch by Kristie-Lou Brigham of Sculpted Windows. I have always loved owls and this one called to me. I added Green Aventurene cabs along with some Red Carnelian cabs too.