Friday, December 11, 2009

Expressions of Winter

As most of you all have noticed, Winter arrived here recently. We've had bitterly cold winds and a little bit of snow. The temperature yesterday morning when I dropped Valerie off at school, was an icy 17 degrees Fahrenheit! That's about 70 degrees too cold for me! Even after living here for over 21 years, I haven't been able to get used to the cold. My brother just recently confided that same thought to me. One of these days I will live where winter is a mild 65 degrees!

In keeping with this wintry theme, I have recently created a few pieces that won't melt in my warm house. They are listed in my Etsy and 1000 Markets shops for your perusal if you like. I have chosen a couple of my best photographs of these pieces to share here.


Also, the Monthly Etsy Beadweavers' Challenge pieces are up for voting again. Voting is open to everyone from now until the 15th of December. So please join in on the fun and vote for your favorite 'Peace Piece' at:
Thank you!