Friday, February 13, 2009

A Few More Changes...

"More changes!" you say. Yes! I'm trying to put the Beaded Extravagance name out there and it seems that besides word of mouth, the Internet super highway is another way to let the world know that I'm here creating beaded art and that they're available to all. So, what have I done? I have opened an Artfire Shop. To the left of this blog and under the Mini Etsy, there's a Mini Artfire. I have the same products for sale in both stores at the same prices. Now I'm curious which store is going to provide me with my first sale!

I have also opened a Facebook Page and there is a link to that page too. So check it out!

I have been creating this week too and all the items that I have finished this week went into the stores.

Mayan Fan Necklace

It is also time to start gathering my beads and other supplies to start working on this years' FireMountain Gems Beading Contest. Last year I won First Place in the Cabochon category. This year I'd like to win a prize again- maybe the Grand Prize. We'll see! I think I'll post pictures of my progress on the piece on this blog...

Happy Valentines Day tomorrow!

Monday, February 9, 2009

A New Approach

I've decided to try a new approach to this whole Etsy business. I've read a lot of forums and talked to a few people and I have come to the conclusion that some thing's got to change. So, last week I worked real hard (bad English, I know, but I can't help it!) and I made 4 new items. Three of them will go up on Etsy and one I made as a display for a class I'm hoping to teach at a local bead store not too far from home called Bead Crazy. I will be listing one item everyday for as long as I can keep up just to see if things -by that I mean sales- begin to materialize. Otherwise I'll just have to blame it on the bad economy and just make beaded jewelry for fun. That's how this all started out anyway... but I can't wear all that jewelry so that's why I'm selling it! Besides, I have to somehow feed this need to make more pretty beaded things....

On a more funny side, I decided to give Molly a hair cut today. Now, I'm no hairstylist or doggy groomer, but what started out to be just cutting a few mattes in her more sensitive areas turned out to be .... well... more of a foot hair trimming. After that I decided that she needed her ear hair trimmed and she got a bob. She looks so cute! She's so happy to have all that hair off her feet and she's not dragging her ears in her food and water anymore! So I tried to take a picture of her new do and she wouldn't co-operate to much. Valerie did get her to keep a pair of her new sunglasses on her head long enough for me to take a picture. Check it out!